25 June 2020

The future of the planet, in Milan the festival «Il Verde e il Blu» for sustainability

Our Energy Festival, after 12 editions, expands and changes: The Green and the Blue Festival, Ideas and Projects for the future of the planet, is on stage from 25 to 27 September at The Theatre and the Library of Trees in Milan. A three-day event with meetings, talk shows, with prominent guests . The first major live event after the lockdown, inspired by the latest book by the philosopher Luciano Floridi. Business sessions and popular sessions to look beyond the crisis: the green of sustainability and the blue of digital for the future of the planet.

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15 October 2019

Brianza Innovation Day 2019

Brianza Innovation Day 2019, the second public appointment of the territorial innovation project powered by RetiPiù, was held on October the 10th. Beulcke+Partners has been involved in the organization and in the strategic planning of entire corporate communication.

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26 August 2019

Energy, I talk about you

In the energy sector being able to communicate effectively is probably the most important skill for a business, because the relationship between consumers and companies is not just related to the bill. The communication has to be onlife, without boundaries. This was one of the topics of Festival dell’Energia, the most important event of  the energy sector powerd by B+P

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21 February 2020

Beulcke+Partners invests in the onlife marketing

A new strategic parternship for Beulcke+Partners that joins the capital of the digital marketing platform Scratch&Screen

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24 January 2020

Only one year and we’re already running

Beulcke+Partners celebrates its first birthday.

The 2020 started in the best way for Beulcke+Partners Agency with a very special birthday party. With clients and friends we toasted the successes and achievements of the 2019.

05 December 2019

The campaign Tiscali Onlife: The Dream wins the L’Italia che Comunica con la TV special prize

Narrating the dream of a free and for anybody wifi network. This is the creative concept of the Tiscali advertising, created and produced by Beulcke+Partners. The spot is a powerfull and impressive storytelling, accompanied by the original soundtrack of Roberta Di Mario.
04 December 2019

“Le soluzioni di Tina: risparmiare sul riscaldamento” is the best social media video content of the year for the Jury of the Key Award 2019

The personification of the product was the winning choice: in the advertising spot TINA is the brand ambassador, capable of giving advices and revealing hints and tips to save money and to make life simpler. Beulcke+Partners has been involved in the creation and organization of the entire commercial.

29 September 2019

The new Tiscali campaign is on air

Beulcke+Partners signs Tiscali’s return on TV. The commercial is characterized by suggestive images, emphasized by a powerful soundtrack. The film, shot in Sardinia, is currently on air on the most popular mainstream TV channels.

15 July 2019

Online the new Tiscali campaign powered by Beulcke+Partners

It’s online the new teaser campaign Tiscali Onlife, created and produced by Beulcke+Partners. Broadcasted on radio and social network, the campaign is composed by different spots and focused on the new commercial offer. Beulcke+Partners has been involved in the organization and planning of the entire campaign.
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11 July 2019

Presented the book “Click Propaganda. Come sfruttare il potere dei dati nella comunicazione politica”

In the B+P office presented the book “Click Propaganda. Come sfruttare il potere dei dati nella comunicazione politica”, written by our Ceo Alessandro Beulcke and Odoardo Ambroso. Guest stars Marco Bentivogli e Irene Tinagli

11 July 2019

Festival dell’Energia 2019 was a success!

High profile figures, more than 250 discussants e 80.000 onlife participants. Also in the 2019, the Festival dell’Energia, project and communication powerd by B+P, has rapresented the most important event of the energy sector in Italy.

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04 April 2019

From April 9th to April 14th we’ll be at Fuori Salone in Milan with our exhibition “Brianza: a journey to the heart of design”.

A multimedia and multisensory experience throught the objects that have made the history of design: an engaging journey virtually guided by the art historian Philippe Daverio.

11 April 2019

NIMBY: the show of politics

In this onlife communication world, oppositions gain millions of likes on social media while companies struggle and have so much to learn from the Ferragnez.

The analysis of Alessandro Beulcke, CEO at Beulcke+Partners, on “Il Foglio”

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11 April 2019

Our collaboration with Gelsia continues

We won Gelsia call for tender, for 2019 communication campaigns and events. This confirms the long collaboration we’ve had with this utility, that represents an excellence in public services and in the capacity to play a proactive role for the territory and for the citizens. The 2019 campaign will remark these values, focussing on the individual, the citizen, which is more and more a conscious and attentive consumer.

27 March 2019
Onlife energy: inhabit, live, work. From 13th to 15th June 2019.

XII edition of Festival dell’Energia at Triennale Milano, in the course of the XXII International Exhibition and of the project Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival.

Energy transition and market transformation. Once again, l’Energia Spiegata will try to focus on the debate about the future of mobility, industry e and urban transformation. Project and communication powerd by B+P.

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28 January 2019

Beulcke+Partners is born, the ‘onlife’ communication agency

Founded by Alessandro Beulcke, the term follow the brands during the disintermediation process brought from the digital

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28 January 2019
Daily Online

Beulcke+Partners is born, the “online” communication agency that combines creativity, expertise, innovation and algorithms.

Aggregating the experience of Allea, a PR agency founded in 2002 by Alessandro Beulcke, the new start-up will take care of creative communication projects on all channels with an approach based on the vision of the well-known information philosopher Luciano Floridi

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30 November 2018
Il mattino di Parma.

Our project for the exhibition “Francisco Goya: La maturazione di un genio” one of the projects for Parma the Italian capital of culture for 2020.

The exhibition focus on the most important and relevant painter of the modern art.


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18 December 2018

The age of dissent

Alessandro Beulcke, Marco Bentivogli, Giorgio Mulè and Chicco Testa at Nimby Observatory Forum 2018.

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30 November 2018
Prima comunicazione

A strange couple

A communicator, Alessandro Beulcke, and a philosopher who deals with information ethics, Luciano Floridi, for a new agency that helps companies to fully exploit social media opportunities.

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